“Depressive Disorder” Can Be A Risk Factor in Brain Injury

This blog has often focused on the health hazards arising from a brain injury. Two players in Last night’s hotly contested NBA playoff game between the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics left the game with concussions.

On an everyday basis, however, this kind of injury usually occurs after a car wreck or in a slip-and-fall accident.  Even a mild (so-called) concussion can leave the victim dizzy, and with short-term memory issues, and headaches. And severe brain trauma can be disastrous: it can necessitate extensive and expensive medical treatment, sometimes including 24-hour care. To make matters worse, physical and cognitive challenges may also be accompanied by bouts with depression.

In a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers at a Seattle Hospital found that of about 600 patients with mild to severe traumatic brain injury, half of them suffered from “major depressive disorder” within one year of their injury. This is apparently eight times higher than the rate of depression among the general public. The study also found that only about 44 percent of those patients received separate mental health treatment for depression. The data also indicated that the patient group had a lower quality of life as compared to the non-depressed cohort.

If you are interested in learning more about brain injuries, you should consider becoming a member of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana.  You can contact the organization at http://www.biausa.org/Indiana/.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a blow to the head, see your doctor immediately, and follow the medical advice given. If the condition was the result of an injury caused by the negligence of someone else, legal representation is also important. Contact the experienced Indiana personal injury lawyers at Young & Young in Indianapolis for a private, confidential, and free consultation.

Indiana Drunk Driving Developments

John P. Young of the Indianapolis Injury Lawyer firm, Young and Young is your Indiana and Indianapolis Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer. As we keep our eye on how the law deals with drunk driving accidents, we observe the following developments.

John G. Wilson, III was sentenced yesterday to 12 year in prison. He was convicted this month of driving while intoxicated causing death. The deaths were of his three friends. The drunk driving accident took place while Mr. Wilson was driving drunk in the 4700 block of Moller road in Indianapolis. He lost control of his car and slammed into a tree. Two of his friends were killed instantly and the third died from the injuries he sustained in the claim. We advocate that in addition to the jail time he received he should be forced, through a civil claim to make up for the harm he caused, the wrongful death of his three friends. The families have lost so much. Society has lost the intelligence and energy of these three young men. Who knows one of these men might have invented something that saved the world from a grave problem. However, we will never know.

In another accident, Donnie Gipson was jailed for driving drunk and killing two people on a motorcycle. The accident took place on Massachusetts Ave. near its intersection with Samoa Street. Killed were Donald Wilson and his passenger Erica Alexandria Ford, both of Indianapolis. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased. We also hope and pray that Mr. Gipson pays his debt to society, makes up for the harm he caused to these families, quits drinking and lives the rest of his life in a way which will honor those lost.

Lastly, a Franklin High school teacher was arrested for suspected drunk driving. Matthew Krulik, age 26 now faces charges and potentially the loss of his job. Thank goodness no one was injured or killed.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver in a drunk driving accident, call John P. Young toll free at 1-888-639-5161 or on the web at john@youngandyoungin.com. We guarantee we will charge no fee until we have collected fair compensation for you and your family.

Cell Phones In Cars: The Perfect Storm for Teenagers

This blog has previously discussed the clear and present danger posed by intoxicated teenagers who get behind the wheel. Minors have less driving experience, and this lack of experience means less ability to control a car in an emergency. Mix in alcohol, wherein the reaction time is slowed and their bravado might be increased; this lack of concern for dangerous conditions grows–and you have a recipe for disaster.

In a new study, a traffic safety research organization claims that the steady increase in nighttime highway accident fatalities among teen drivers nationally over the past ten years comes more from distracted drivers rather than drunk drivers. All this is happening while overall highway fatal accidents are on the decline, although drunk driving fatalities are apparently increasing for the 20-and-0ver cohort.

A senior research engineer for the Texas Transportation Institute, the study’s author, explained  that nighttime driving is the most common, documented factor associated with crashes involving young drivers. Other factors include darkness, slow response time because of fatigue, and–as we noted above–lack of experience driving under adverse conditions. Additional variables include other minors in the car, speeding, not buckling up, and of course, alcohol. But cell phone use appears to be the major risk factor.

“Being on a cell phone behind the wheel impairs our driving ability,” the engineer said. “When you add the nighttime danger, you create the perfect storm, and that storm is much more severe for young drivers, largely because of their lack of driving experience.”

The report concludes as follows:

The findings of this analysis suggest that alcohol is contributing to an increase in nighttime fatal crashes involving drivers age 20 and older. However, the same is not true for teenage drivers, suggesting that factors other than alcohol are responsible for the trend of increased nighttime crashes for teens…However, it is cell phone use – propelled by rapid technological advancement and increased affordability – that is likely the most notable new driving risk factor for contemporary teens.

To read the entire report, including statistics for Indiana, visit the Texas Transportation Institute’s website.

Indiana Supreme Court Justice Stepping Down

John P. Young, of Young and Young, an Indianapolis Injury Law firm for more than 56 years is your Indiana Truck Accident lawyer. The Young’s have been Indiana Injury attorneys for thousands of Hoosiers who have been seriously injured in large truck accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, highway accidents and small truck accidents. Young and Young is skilled at handling large truck accidents because we work on serious injury cases, and unfortunately large truck accidents tend to result in serious injury. Young and Young has represented Hoosiers, and their families dealing with serious injuries such as wrongful death, amputation, spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, burns, blindness broken bones and brain injury.

It is of interest that Ted Boehm, Supreme Court Justice since 1996 is stepping down from his position effective this fall. This is of interest to all Hoosiers, but especially Hoosiers who have been seriously injured in large truck accidents because the law of Indiana that may be relevant to the ability to collect full and fair compensation. The Supreme Court of Indiana is the final word on the law of Indiana. You may think that as a firm that represents Injured Hoosiers, we would advocate for a judge that would be sympathetic to our clients. Surprisingly this is not the case. We want a Judge who is fair to both sides. We do not want a judge who gives preference to either side. That kind of Judge is dangerous. We want an intelligent judge who is dedicated to understanding the law and the rights of Hoosiers. We want a judge that will not be influenced by money or prestige or political influence. We want a judge who has had experience in the court room, on both sides of the bench. We want a judge who is empathetic, i.e. understands the human condition and understands that the law is a tool for the improvement of Hoosiers’ lives. We do not care if the judge is a woman, man, black, white or purple. We want a fair intelligent judge.

If you, or a loved one, have been seriously injured in a large truck accident, call John P. Young, your Indiana Truck Injury Lawyer. Call toll free 1-888-639-5161 or email Mr. Young at john@youngandyoungin.com. Mr. Young guarantees there will be no fee charged unless you receive fair compensation. We handle serious injury cases all over the State Of Indiana, and have for 56 years and counting. Call today.

Indianapolis Auto Accidents – part 2

John P. Young is your Indiana Injury Attorney. Mr. Young has been an Indiana Injury Attorney practicing in Indianapolis for more than 22 years. At Young and Young we work only for Hoosiers who have been severely injured. We handle injury cases arising out of car crashes, highway accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, drunk driving accidents, construction accidents and all other types of accidents. In the 56 years Young and Young has been working for injured Hoosiers and their families, we have come to know and understand the medicine of severe injuries. We represent Hoosiers with severe injuries including, but not limited to, broken bones, amputations, burns, brain injuries, wrongful death, spinal cord injuries with paralysis and virtually all other severe injuries.

In previous blogs we have discussed topics of interest to Hoosiers who have been injured by another person’s negligence. We would like to follow up with a few accidents we have been following and then turn to what we believe is encouraging news.

Regarding the very sad story of the three Carmel teens out joy riding in one of the teens father’s car, running from police and crashing, causing the death of his two friends, things are moving forward with criminal charges against the surviving teen. The teen, who has not been identified because he is a minor has been charged in the incident as a minor. The charges include fleeing law enforcement resulting in death and involuntary man slaughter causing death. We want the public to know that apparently this young man did not flee the scene leaving his friends to die, as was originally reported. The young man sustained severe burns upon exiting the vehicle. It was unlikely that he could have done anything to save his friends. This is not to excuse his actions. We believe he should be made responsible to make up for the harm he caused to the fullest extent. However, he is a human being and deserves the benefit of the doubt in these criminal proceedings.

The Man who intentionally ran over a mother and daughter who were collecting money for the Indiana School for the deaf is now claiming he was delusional at the time he acted. Derek Dewitt claims to have seen something evil when he swerved and hit the two women.

In a bright spot, Hoosiers are buckling up. The Indiana Department of Transportation estimates that 93% of Hoosiers are buckling up. Keep the good work, all.

Heads Up For Student-Athlete Brain Injuries

We discussed in this blog previously how the NFL has focused national attention on the danger of both short- and long-term dangers from concussions in all age groups, and that even a “mild” concussion is a form of brain injury. We also noted that “getting your bell rung” in high school athletics may not be as severe as at the collegiate or pro levels, but possibly more damaging due to the stage of development of teenagers. In fact, data from the National Center for Injury Protection and Control indicates that teenagers may be the group at the highest risk for suffering a traumatic brain injury.

That’s perhaps what makes a study to be published in the Journal of Pediatrics so interesting, even if it is “common sense.” In research that focused on youth hockey, it appears  bracing for an impending blow to the head could reduce the harm from the hit In the study, players wore helmets hooked up to high-tech sensors that measured impact and compared that to game videos and with the number of injuries the players suffered during the season. According to the findings, being prepared for an imminent concussion helped offset more serious injuries. As CNN explains:

“If players anticipate collisions they can better absorb the forces related to impact,” said Jason Mihalik, lead study author and assistant professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “[Athletes] who don’t expect to get body checked are not able to tense the neck muscles to absorb force, and that can lead to a more severe impact to the head.”

Coaches need to train players to avoid the “calamitous” effects of being blindsided, according to Professor Mihalik. So if your kids are active on middle school or high school sports teams, remember that any impairment to the circuitry of the brain at minimum diminishes the ability to process information and perform in school. And serious concussions can lead to permanent and severe harm to the injured person.

Indianapolis auto accidents

John P. Young is your Indiana Truck accident lawyer. Mr. Young practices truck accident Injury law out of Indianapolis. Mr. Young’s practice includes all highway accidents including semi tractor-trailer accidents, large truck accidents, bus accidents , motor cycle accidents and car accidents.

On May 23, 2010, an Franklin Township firefighter died in a truck accident. The accident occurred on the near south side of Indianapolis, on Madison Avenue. For reasons not clear, David Joseph Newsome was travelling at a very high rate of speed when he lost control of his truck, hit another car, hit a utility pole and slammed into a building. Although there were folks in the building, no one was seriously injured. The collision cut a natural gas line, but the utility quickly closed off the leak.

In another reported collision, a 15 year old girl was reported to be in critical condition from injuries received in an accident in the 5000 block of 56th Street near Kessler Blvd, East Drive. Unfortunately the girl was standing in the median, working to collect money for the Indiana School for the deaf where the young girl was a student, when a man intentionally swerved into the median to strike the girl and her mother.

If you or a family member are injured in a truck accident, call John P. Young right away. Mr. Young guarantees there will be no fee unless fair compensation is collected for you and your family. You can contact Mr. Young toll free at 1-888-639-5161 or on the web at john@youngandyoungin.com. There is no charge for our initial private consultation.

Indiana Senior Citizen Fights Off Pit Bull Attack

An 86-year-old man in Harrison County, Indiana, recently was viciously mauled by his neighbor’s three pit bulls. The dogs apparently crossed an active invisible fence and went into the man’s yard after a female pit bull carried a litter of  puppies into a shed on his property. The man was then attacked by three adult dogs when he walked into his yard. He was bitten several times, but fortunately, the ex-Navy boxer managed to fight off the attack. Police arrived and tasered one of the dogs. The animals will likely be put down or transferred to a pit bull rescue organization. “It was the most horrible nightmare that you can imagine,” the victim’s wife told local media.

Dog owners have a duty to confine their pets to their property to avoid injury and hazards to others. Indiana law specifically requires dog owners to exercise reasonable care in restraining and maintaining their dog on a leash or on their premises. If a dog owner fails to properly restrain or maintain a dog, the owner could be liable in negligence for money damages to the person who gets bitten in an unprovoked attack.

Pit bulls, in particular, have developed a reputation for violent, aggressive behavior. But any dog attack, regardless of breed involved, can obviously inflict serious injuries on the victim, including physical as well as emotional trauma. If you or a loved one have been victimized by a dog attack, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Young and Young in Indianapolis for a free consultation about how you can be fairly compensated for your injuries.

Indiana Drunk Driving Attorney

John P. Young, as an Indiana Drunk Driving accident attorney, offers you some of the law regarding providing alcohol to minors. It is illegal to provide alcohol to a minor (Ind. Code 7.1-5-7-8), and to encourage a minor to possess alcohol (Ind. Code 7.1-5-7-15).  Violating these statutes creates resumption that the person who violated the statutes is negligent.  Negligence is what an Injured Hoosier must prove in order to recover from a person who caused their injuries, and the injuries to their families.  It matters not that the person who provides the alcohol is a party host or a bar or a liquor store.  The Courts have determined that public policy strongly favors making people who violate these statutes responsible for the harm they cause.  Serving alcohol to minors is deemed inappropriate by the same public policy.   

Minor drivers have a number of things going against them already, we cannot tolerate minors driving and drinking.  Minors have less experience behind the wheel and less experience means less ability to control a car in an emergency.  A minor may have that bravado than nothing can happen to me, so they drive recklessly to get a rush or to try and impress their friends.  Teenage brains are not fully developed and what might make sense to an adult might not be a danger sign to a teenager.  Teenagers are in that texting mode, and may not give the road the full attention it deserves.  Mix in alcohol, wherein the reaction time is slowed, the bravado might be increased and the lack of concern for danger grows and you have a recipe for disaster.

Years ago people were not as concerned about these issues as they are today.  Drunk driving fatalities among teenagers are still too high, and every wrongful death is painful.  However, awareness and tighter control on alcohol are heading fatality statistics in the downward direction.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, call John P. Young. The call is toll free 1-888-639-5161 or on the web at john@youngandyoungin.com.  We guarantee we will charge no fee unless we collect fair compensation for you and your family. Call today.

Brain-Injured Vets, Home Caregivers, Get Boost In New Law

A serious brain injury can happen in a number of different ways.  The most common cause of brain injury is a trauma from a slip-and-fall accident or an auto crash. Separately, it is widely acknowledged that brain trauma has become the “signature” injury in Iraq and Afghanistan combat. Treatment breakthroughs for our military vets will also help everyone with brain-related conditions. But as we noted below, no matter the rate of recovery, or amount of symptoms, most brain injury causes permanent harm to the injured person. Brain injuries also take a huge  physical, emotional, psychological, and financial toll on the victim’s loved ones.

On May 5, President Obama signed a bi-partisan bill that s expected to improve treatment options for military vets with brain damage. The Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act will give veterans with traumatic brain injuries more access to private care outside the VA hospital system, increase services for female and homeless veterans, and provide more care in rural areas. Perhaps most significantly, the law provides training and stipends to those caring for wounded service members in their family.

According to the McClatchy news service, the measure unanimously passed by Congress “sets up new training and certification for the family caregivers, access to ongoing support services, counseling and mental-health services, respite care, medical care and a monthly personal-caregiver allowance.”

The news media has primarily credited Army Sgt. Ted Wade (a wounded Iraq veteran) and his wife Sarah, with lobbying for these expanded benefits. Congratulations to the Wades and all others who helped to get this bill to the president’s desk.

Indianapolis Reckless Driver Convicted On Six Counts in Death of Three

An Indianapolis jury today found a 20-year-old driver guilty of  six felonies arising from a December car crash that tragically took the life of three young friends who were passengers in his vehicle. The motorist was convicted on three counts of reckless homicide and three counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, causing death. Although the man denied being intoxicated at the time of the accident, he did admit drinking alcohol and smoking pot on the night of the crash.

According to news media accounts, on the night in question, the motorist was operating a Chevy Blazer about 60 mph in a 35-mph zone on Moller Road when he crossed over the center line and smashed into a tree. His BAC tested negative afterward, but that apparently was hours after the actual crash by which time he could have sobered up, according to trial evidence.

Sentencing is scheduled for May 26. He could receive up to 24 years behind bars. The man also could face a wrongful death civil lawsuit for money damages from the victims’ families.

If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident owing to the negligence or recklessness of another driver, or by a drunk driver, it is important to retain legal counsel with the experience and skills needed to obtain full compensation for your injuries in civil court. The accident lawyers at Young and Young in Indianapolis have represented thousands of Hoosiers with serious auto accident injuries. We have more than 55 years of Indiana personal injury experience waiting to help.

Alleged Drunk Driver, 21, Kills Girlfriend In Car Wreck

A public service announcement in heavy rotation on the radio dramatizes a the angst of a young drunk driver in the emergency room while doctors try to administer to his severely injured girlfriend. When it involves the triple threat of young adults, cars, and alcohol, life has a way sadly and tragically of imitating art.

According to local media,  a 21-year-old motorist who was driving drunk  at speeds of about 80 mph pl0wed into a residence in Zionsville, Indiana, on May 8 after running a stop sign. The driver’s girlfriend, a backseat passenger, died in the crash, while another passenger was injured. The homeowners were trapped in the rubble before being rescued.

After the driver, who has a one-year-old child with the deceased woman, was released from the hospital, he was taken into custody by the local sheriff’s department. The motorist is facing ten charges in the fatal accident, including reckless homicide and DUI. He is being held in Boone County Jail on a $25,000 bond. He apparently registered a BAC of 0.19, more than twice the state’s legal limit.

When it comes to new or relatively new drivers–or anyone with a license for that matter–the only sure way to avoid being a drunk driver is to never drive after you have been consuming alcohol.  For parents, please teach your children this truth; it may save their life and the lives of innocent Hoosiers and their families.

If, on the other hand, you or your family has been victimized by an intoxicated driver, please be aware that the accident attorneys at Indianapolis law firm of Young and Young work hard, using the civil justice system, to force drunk drivers to fairly compensate innocent drivers and passengers for the harm they caused. Contact our office today for a personal, no-cost consultation. We stand ready to help.

Indiana Concussion Injury Lawyer

John P. Young is your Indiana Concussion and Brain Injury Lawyer.  Mr. Young has more than 23 years experience handling brain injury cases for Hoosiers.  A member of Mr. Young’s family has been dealing with brain injury for more than 25 years.

Did you know that a concussion is a form of a brain injury?  You do not have to be knocked unconscious to have a concussion.  It is sufficient to have a period of altered awareness to have a concussion.  In the old days we would call this having your bell rung, or being knocked loopy.   Little did we understand about the significance of having your bell rung.   A recent clinical study by the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington found that more than 80 percent of student athletes who experienced concussions reported a significant worsening of symptoms over the first four weeks after attempting to return to school academics.  This would include dizziness, short term memory issues and headaches.  The demands of school put a burden on the circuitry of the brain.  Any impairment to that circuitry diminishes the ability to process information and perform in school.

Recent attention has been turned to the N.F.L. and the frequency of concussion in the league. Several players have reported debilitating injuries from concussion.  It would be very interesting to see studies done on the long term of effects of concussions have on older NFL players.  I remember seeing Chuck Bednarek standing over an unconscious Frank Gifford.  I remember Harold Carmichael, of the Philadelphia Eagles, receiving his seventh or eighth concussion.  I remember seeing the pain in Curt Warner’s expression as he retired from Professional Football due, in part, to a series of concussions.  The list is endless.  The collisions in high school athletics are not as severe, but possibly more damaging due to the stage of development.

The concussion clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio estimates that more than 400,000 concussions occurred among 7.5 million student athletes who participated in high school sports during the 2008-2009 school year.

If you or a family member suffers a brain injury as a result of the negligence of another, call John P. Young toll free at 1-888-639-5161, or on the web at john@youngandyoungin.com.  Mr. Young guarantees there will be no fee charged unless we recover fair compensation for you.

Lawmakers Introduce National Teenage Driving Standards

It’s prom season in Indiana and around the country.  Most parents are well aware that teenagers and cars can be risky business, even under the best of circumstances.  But it’s perhaps the worst of circumstances, i.e., when alcohol is involved, that highway safety for all concerned could be most compromised. The  inexperience of teenagers with the effects of alcohol, their fearless and/or reckless attitude towards real danger, and their inexperience with the operation of the vehicle is a potent combination for real trouble on Indiana roads and throughout the country. Perhaps for this reason, three U.S. senators are co-sponsoring a bill that would establish the same licensing requirements for teenage drivers across the country regardless of jurisdiction, including raising the legal driving age.  Currently, each state establishes its own rules for drivers under 21.

The Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection (STAND UP) Act–a one-size-fits-all measure–would strengthen safety on U.S. roads, according to its sponsors.  If enacted, the STAND UP law would establish a three-phase licensing process–learner’s permit, intermediate stage, and full non-restricted license. This is also referred to as a graduated driver licensing (GDL) program. According to USA Today, “There is little debate about the effectiveness of good GDL programs on highway safety. States that impose major restrictions have seen crash reductions of 10%-30%.”

The intermediate stage (a minimum of six months), which begins when the new driver’s learner’s permit expires, would remain in effect until the driver is 18 or older.

The law would also mandate the following:

  • Learner’s permits issued at age 16 or older (rather than 14 or 15), and non-restricted drivers licenses issued at age 18
  • Prohibit night driving during stage one and two
  • Prohibit the use of wireless devices during stage one and two except in emergencies
  • No more than one non-family member under the age of 21 may travel with driver operating on a learner’s permit, unless a licensed driver over the age of 21 is in the vehicle

States that decline to comply with the law would risk losing federal highway safety funding. With all the issues percolating on Capitol Hill right now, however, it remains to be seen if Congress will give serious consideration to this measure. Opponents claim it would infringe on the rights of states to enact driving requirements unique to each state’s needs.

John P. Young Wants to be Your Social Security Disability Lawyer

John P. Young wants to be your Indianapolis and Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer.  Why should you want John P. Young to be your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney or Lawyer?  Heck, you can call one of the advertisers easy enough.  Heck they must be good they are on TV.  Heck they must be good they are nationwide.  Well……  The national advertiser uses representatives that may not be lawyers.  The advertisers want high volume.  In order to maintain high volume you are treated like a sheep.  You will have little or no contact with a lawyer, you will be handled by a legal assistant. You will not be able to contact your representative by phone, or if you do, they will have little knowledge of your medical condition.

Truth is John P. Young is a lawyer trained to handle social security disability claims.  He has been representing only Hoosiers for more than 22 years.  He personally handles each claim.  He personally answers his phone calls.  He personally goes to each hearing.  He personally prepares you for your hearing.  When you hire John P. Young, you get John P. Young.  Mr. Young has spent thousands of hours learning the medicine that is vital to properly handling your social security disability claim.  Mr. Young has learned directly from hundreds of medical doctors who took their time to personally teach Mr. Young what he needed to know to represent his clients.  It makes no difference if your injury is from broken bones, spinal cord injury including paraplegia or quadriplegia, brain injury, amputation, burns, psychological concerns, blindness or any of the other reasons why a person might become disabled.  Over his 22 years of representing Hoosiers in their Social Security Disability claim, Mr. Young has learned the rules and regulations that are used to determine whether a person is disabled. He had to –  he wouldn’t be doing his clients any good if he had not.

It may be alright to buy a pair of shoes because the advertisement was cute, but you wouldn’t choose your doctor that way.  Why not you ask?  Because any bozo can advertise.  Do you want Bozo operating on you?  Do you want Bozo handling a claim that may mean the difference between being able to eat on a daily basis and going hungry or homeless?

Call John P. Young today about your Social Security Disability Claim.  Ask around, you will find no one better to handle your claim.  Ask Mr. Young about his experience.  Call him today toll free at 1 888-639-5161, or contact him on the web at john@youngandyoungin.com.

Northwestern Indiana Construction Zone Accident Claims One

Back in late March, a highway construction worker was killed by an alleged hit-and-run, drunk driver on I-94. Tragically, a similar ghastly highway accident has happened again. On April 30, a midnight shift construction worker was filling cracks  along westbound I-94 near Burns Harbor, Indiana, when he was run over by a motorist making an illegal U-turn and who then fled the scene. The worker, of Michigan City, Indiana, later died at Loyola University Medical Center. Police arrested the driver, age 21, of East Chicago, Indiana, a few hours later.  According to press accounts, the driver admitted that he drank too much while bar hopping that night. His blood alcohol content apparently registered a .124, well above the legal limit. Prosecutors have charged the man with five felonies.

Time and again, intoxicated motorists on Indiana roads cause serious injuries to other drivers and passengers such as amputations, paralysis, spinal cord injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain injury, broken bones, and as in this case, a fatal accident. Based on our long-term legal representation of accident victims, we know that drunk drivers can devastate Hoosier families.

If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident by a driver operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, it is important to retain legal counsel with the experience and skills needed to obtain full compensation for your injuries. At Young and Young in Indianapolis, we have represented thousands of Hoosiers with serious auto accident injuries. We have more than 55 years of experience waiting to help.

Doctors Still Don’t Know What Caused Rocker’s Brain Hemorrhage

Good news for rock musician Bret Michaels who, as well publicized, was rushed to the hospital on April 22 with an excruciating headache that turned out to be a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of the brain). Michaels, who has reinvented himself as a reality TV star on the current installment of The Celebrity Apprentice as well as other unscripted shows, was just released from a Phoenix hospital, and may be able to resume touring in several months if all goes well in his treatment regimen. He still is suffering headaches and back spasms. However, doctors still don’t know what actually caused his condition.

According to Merck.com, “About 35% of people die when they have a subarachnoid hemorrhage due to an aneurysm because it results in extensive brain damage. Another 15% die within a few weeks because of bleeding from a second rupture.”

Michaels is no stranger to serious health issues. He is a Type-1 diabetic and also had  an emergency appendectomy on April 12. Michaels also fell off the stage while performing at the Tony Awards in June 2009, but there is no indication whether last week’s incident was related to what is sometimes called “second-impact syndrome.” Doctors apparently are discounting any connection between these previous episodes and Michaels’ latest health challenge.

A brain injury can happen in a number of different ways.  The most common cause of brain injury is a trauma in a slip-and-fall accident or an auto crash. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a blow to the head, see your doctor immediately, and follow the medical advice given. If the condition was the result of an injury caused by the negligence of someone else, legal representation is also important. Contact the experienced brain injury lawyers at Young & Young in Indianapolis for a private, confidential, and free consultation.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.