Indianapolis Auto Accidents – part 2

John P. Young is your Indiana Injury Attorney. Mr. Young has been an Indiana Injury Attorney practicing in Indianapolis for more than 22 years. At Young and Young we work only for Hoosiers who have been severely injured. We handle injury cases arising out of car crashes, highway accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, drunk driving accidents, construction accidents and all other types of accidents. In the 56 years Young and Young has been working for injured Hoosiers and their families, we have come to know and understand the medicine of severe injuries. We represent Hoosiers with severe injuries including, but not limited to, broken bones, amputations, burns, brain injuries, wrongful death, spinal cord injuries with paralysis and virtually all other severe injuries.

In previous blogs we have discussed topics of interest to Hoosiers who have been injured by another person’s negligence. We would like to follow up with a few accidents we have been following and then turn to what we believe is encouraging news.

Regarding the very sad story of the three Carmel teens out joy riding in one of the teens father’s car, running from police and crashing, causing the death of his two friends, things are moving forward with criminal charges against the surviving teen. The teen, who has not been identified because he is a minor has been charged in the incident as a minor. The charges include fleeing law enforcement resulting in death and involuntary man slaughter causing death. We want the public to know that apparently this young man did not flee the scene leaving his friends to die, as was originally reported. The young man sustained severe burns upon exiting the vehicle. It was unlikely that he could have done anything to save his friends. This is not to excuse his actions. We believe he should be made responsible to make up for the harm he caused to the fullest extent. However, he is a human being and deserves the benefit of the doubt in these criminal proceedings.

The Man who intentionally ran over a mother and daughter who were collecting money for the Indiana School for the deaf is now claiming he was delusional at the time he acted. Derek Dewitt claims to have seen something evil when he swerved and hit the two women.

In a bright spot, Hoosiers are buckling up. The Indiana Department of Transportation estimates that 93% of Hoosiers are buckling up. Keep the good work, all.

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