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Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

The Indianapolis personal injury attorneys of Young & Young provide exceptional legal representation for clients across the state of Indiana. We have been strong consumer advocates since 1954, and we are proud to represent our clients against those who have caused them injury through negligence, greed, or malice.

At Young & Young, we answer only to you, our clients. We are not afraid to take on large corporations or insurance companies on your behalf. We are selective about the cases we handle, but when we find a case with merit, we will see it through to the end. Please read more to learn about our firm, our services, and our guiding philosophy.

Young & Young refuses to represent insurance companies. As citizens, consumers, and parents, we believe in the rights of the “little guys” – hardworking individuals and small business owners like you. Our Indianapolis personal injury law practice is dedicated to your interests, and we will never work for rich, abusive corporations.

Effective Litigation through Effective Teamwork

The attorneys of Young & Young believe in a team approach to litigation. We believe that it is only through a concentrated, aggressive and well-coordinated effort that we can achieve the best results for our clients. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys work as a team, partnering with some of the world's best physicians, engineers, and experts to investigate and support our clients' cases.

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Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation about your personal injury legal needs. All consultations are held confidential and with an experienced personal injury attorney.


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