Indianapolis auto accidents

John P. Young is your Indiana Truck accident lawyer. Mr. Young practices truck accident Injury law out of Indianapolis. Mr. Young’s practice includes all highway accidents including semi tractor-trailer accidents, large truck accidents, bus accidents , motor cycle accidents and car accidents.

On May 23, 2010, an Franklin Township firefighter died in a truck accident. The accident occurred on the near south side of Indianapolis, on Madison Avenue. For reasons not clear, David Joseph Newsome was travelling at a very high rate of speed when he lost control of his truck, hit another car, hit a utility pole and slammed into a building. Although there were folks in the building, no one was seriously injured. The collision cut a natural gas line, but the utility quickly closed off the leak.

In another reported collision, a 15 year old girl was reported to be in critical condition from injuries received in an accident in the 5000 block of 56th Street near Kessler Blvd, East Drive. Unfortunately the girl was standing in the median, working to collect money for the Indiana School for the deaf where the young girl was a student, when a man intentionally swerved into the median to strike the girl and her mother.

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