Alleged Drunk Driver, 21, Kills Girlfriend In Car Wreck

A public service announcement in heavy rotation on the radio dramatizes a the angst of a young drunk driver in the emergency room while doctors try to administer to his severely injured girlfriend. When it involves the triple threat of young adults, cars, and alcohol, life has a way sadly and tragically of imitating art.

According to local media,  a 21-year-old motorist who was driving drunk  at speeds of about 80 mph pl0wed into a residence in Zionsville, Indiana, on May 8 after running a stop sign. The driver’s girlfriend, a backseat passenger, died in the crash, while another passenger was injured. The homeowners were trapped in the rubble before being rescued.

After the driver, who has a one-year-old child with the deceased woman, was released from the hospital, he was taken into custody by the local sheriff’s department. The motorist is facing ten charges in the fatal accident, including reckless homicide and DUI. He is being held in Boone County Jail on a $25,000 bond. He apparently registered a BAC of 0.19, more than twice the state’s legal limit.

When it comes to new or relatively new drivers–or anyone with a license for that matter–the only sure way to avoid being a drunk driver is to never drive after you have been consuming alcohol.  For parents, please teach your children this truth; it may save their life and the lives of innocent Hoosiers and their families.

If, on the other hand, you or your family has been victimized by an intoxicated driver, please be aware that the accident attorneys at Indianapolis law firm of Young and Young work hard, using the civil justice system, to force drunk drivers to fairly compensate innocent drivers and passengers for the harm they caused. Contact our office today for a personal, no-cost consultation. We stand ready to help.

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