John P. Young Wants to be Your Social Security Disability Lawyer

John P. Young wants to be your Indianapolis and Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer.  Why should you want John P. Young to be your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney or Lawyer?  Heck, you can call one of the advertisers easy enough.  Heck they must be good they are on TV.  Heck they must be good they are nationwide.  Well……  The national advertiser uses representatives that may not be lawyers.  The advertisers want high volume.  In order to maintain high volume you are treated like a sheep.  You will have little or no contact with a lawyer, you will be handled by a legal assistant. You will not be able to contact your representative by phone, or if you do, they will have little knowledge of your medical condition.

Truth is John P. Young is a lawyer trained to handle social security disability claims.  He has been representing only Hoosiers for more than 22 years.  He personally handles each claim.  He personally answers his phone calls.  He personally goes to each hearing.  He personally prepares you for your hearing.  When you hire John P. Young, you get John P. Young.  Mr. Young has spent thousands of hours learning the medicine that is vital to properly handling your social security disability claim.  Mr. Young has learned directly from hundreds of medical doctors who took their time to personally teach Mr. Young what he needed to know to represent his clients.  It makes no difference if your injury is from broken bones, spinal cord injury including paraplegia or quadriplegia, brain injury, amputation, burns, psychological concerns, blindness or any of the other reasons why a person might become disabled.  Over his 22 years of representing Hoosiers in their Social Security Disability claim, Mr. Young has learned the rules and regulations that are used to determine whether a person is disabled. He had to –  he wouldn’t be doing his clients any good if he had not.

It may be alright to buy a pair of shoes because the advertisement was cute, but you wouldn’t choose your doctor that way.  Why not you ask?  Because any bozo can advertise.  Do you want Bozo operating on you?  Do you want Bozo handling a claim that may mean the difference between being able to eat on a daily basis and going hungry or homeless?

Call John P. Young today about your Social Security Disability Claim.  Ask around, you will find no one better to handle your claim.  Ask Mr. Young about his experience.  Call him today toll free at 1 888-639-5161, or contact him on the web at

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