Indiana Supreme Court Justice Stepping Down

John P. Young, of Young and Young, an Indianapolis Injury Law firm for more than 56 years is your Indiana Truck Accident lawyer. The Young’s have been Indiana Injury attorneys for thousands of Hoosiers who have been seriously injured in large truck accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, highway accidents and small truck accidents. Young and Young is skilled at handling large truck accidents because we work on serious injury cases, and unfortunately large truck accidents tend to result in serious injury. Young and Young has represented Hoosiers, and their families dealing with serious injuries such as wrongful death, amputation, spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, burns, blindness broken bones and brain injury.

It is of interest that Ted Boehm, Supreme Court Justice since 1996 is stepping down from his position effective this fall. This is of interest to all Hoosiers, but especially Hoosiers who have been seriously injured in large truck accidents because the law of Indiana that may be relevant to the ability to collect full and fair compensation. The Supreme Court of Indiana is the final word on the law of Indiana. You may think that as a firm that represents Injured Hoosiers, we would advocate for a judge that would be sympathetic to our clients. Surprisingly this is not the case. We want a Judge who is fair to both sides. We do not want a judge who gives preference to either side. That kind of Judge is dangerous. We want an intelligent judge who is dedicated to understanding the law and the rights of Hoosiers. We want a judge that will not be influenced by money or prestige or political influence. We want a judge who has had experience in the court room, on both sides of the bench. We want a judge who is empathetic, i.e. understands the human condition and understands that the law is a tool for the improvement of Hoosiers’ lives. We do not care if the judge is a woman, man, black, white or purple. We want a fair intelligent judge.

If you, or a loved one, have been seriously injured in a large truck accident, call John P. Young, your Indiana Truck Injury Lawyer. Call toll free 1-888-639-5161 or email Mr. Young at Mr. Young guarantees there will be no fee charged unless you receive fair compensation. We handle serious injury cases all over the State Of Indiana, and have for 56 years and counting. Call today.

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