Indiana Drunk Driving Developments

John P. Young of the Indianapolis Injury Lawyer firm, Young and Young is your Indiana and Indianapolis Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer. As we keep our eye on how the law deals with drunk driving accidents, we observe the following developments.

John G. Wilson, III was sentenced yesterday to 12 year in prison. He was convicted this month of driving while intoxicated causing death. The deaths were of his three friends. The drunk driving accident took place while Mr. Wilson was driving drunk in the 4700 block of Moller road in Indianapolis. He lost control of his car and slammed into a tree. Two of his friends were killed instantly and the third died from the injuries he sustained in the claim. We advocate that in addition to the jail time he received he should be forced, through a civil claim to make up for the harm he caused, the wrongful death of his three friends. The families have lost so much. Society has lost the intelligence and energy of these three young men. Who knows one of these men might have invented something that saved the world from a grave problem. However, we will never know.

In another accident, Donnie Gipson was jailed for driving drunk and killing two people on a motorcycle. The accident took place on Massachusetts Ave. near its intersection with Samoa Street. Killed were Donald Wilson and his passenger Erica Alexandria Ford, both of Indianapolis. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased. We also hope and pray that Mr. Gipson pays his debt to society, makes up for the harm he caused to these families, quits drinking and lives the rest of his life in a way which will honor those lost.

Lastly, a Franklin High school teacher was arrested for suspected drunk driving. Matthew Krulik, age 26 now faces charges and potentially the loss of his job. Thank goodness no one was injured or killed.

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