Wire Barriers on Highways Help Save Lives- Indiana Truck Accident Attorneys

Dear Hoosiers, I came to work today on roads covered with ice.  As I did, I passed a large truck losing control, skidding into the median.  The large truck, a semi tractor-trailer came to a stop causing no injury and little damage, though I suspect the driver might have to change his under garments.  I thought back to a time when I had seen another such event, only this time there were no wire guards across the median.  The truck slid across the median and into the path of a minivan.  The small family never stood a chance.  It was a horrible collision with no good outcome, or so I thought.  Now I think that the collision that took that families life must have led, in part, to the construction of the wire barriers along Indiana major highways.  Although they were not in place to save that family (and we will never know what great things the children in that van were capable of maybe they would have solved our energy crisis with some new invention, you never know) those barriers were in place today and stopped that large truck from causing serious injury, or even wrongful death today.  Who knows, maybe those barriers saved the life a person who will solve our energy needs. You never know.

On a slightly different note, following up on my discussions about our civil justice system, I want to share with you a thoughtful and insightful article on the topic by Fred Thompson.  Some of you may know Mr. Thompson as a former senator from the State of Tennessee.  Some of you may know Mr. Thompson from a successful film acting career (See JFK) and TV Acting (See Law and Order)..  Most of you will not know Mr. Thompson as a trial lawyer with over thirty years experience in our civil justice system.  Mr. Thompson writes based on his experience.  I have attached a link to the article.  I will say no more as the article speaks for itself.

Read Mr. Thompson’s discussion about our civil justice system

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