Winter Driving Tips and Avoiding the Car Collision

Indianapolis Auto accident attorneysThe first winter advisory of the year is in effect tonight, which leads us back to our annual be safe and avoid the crash annual missive. This is an especially good time to have a discussion, and maybe a test run, with your new drivers.  We all know how we knew everything when we started to driver, so the lecture alone is not likely to sink in on the teenager.  However, we have found that going to a nearby parking lot and practicing a few maneuvers was time well spent.  Cars handle differently in the snow, and new drivers have no experience with it.  What works on a dry road is likely to lead to a car crash in the snow.  In the parking lot, clear of other cars, have your driver practice applying the brakes, making turns and over correcting.  With front wheel drive cars, the driver has more control, but it still takes a little practice.

Remember to keep more distance between you and the other drivers.  Remember to make sure your tires are properly inflated and have proper treads. Give yourself more time to get to where you are going and above all, be patient.  I struggle with patience and have to remind myself that getting where I am going 10 minutes faster is not going to materially benefit me in anyway.  Heck, if I want to get there 10 minutes earlier, then I should start my journey 10 or even 15 minutes earlier.   Make sure your brakes are in good working order and all your lights are working.  It will help to have a bag of salt in the car if you get stuck.  Remember to keep an extra set of warm clothes in the car in case you get stuck and have to walk.  Do not assume that you will not need your coat for a short trip, that is when you will get stuck and you will need your coat more than ever.

Please, take your time, look out for the other driver and give your family the greatest gift you have to give, yourself with them at this special time of the year.

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