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As Indiana Serious Injury Lawyers, practicing all over the State of Indiana out of our Indianapolis offices brings many surprises.  Something that never ceases to amaze us is people who drive with ice on their windshield and on the others widows in the car.  We are amazed in kind of the same way we were amazed when Christine Aguilera got the words of the National Anthem wrong before the Super Bowl.  I mean she knew she had to sing it in front of 100 million people, we would think that she would put a little work into preparing, say like memorizing the words.

In that same vein you would think that anyone who plans on driving on the roads would want to prepare by cleaning the ice off all the windows to maximize visibility.  We have all seen the car driving down the road with just a small round area scraped off the front windshield.   We know the driver can barely see what is in front of them.  However, there is a lot more to safely driving a car than going forward.  If you are changing lanes, you have to be able to see out the back and the sides of the car.  Just checking the side view mirrors is not enough.  Every car has a blind spot.  You have to turn your head and look out the side windows.  If those windows are covered with ice, you are putting everyone else on the road in danger.  What’s more simple and effective tools are available at a reasonable price to clear the windows.  What we really think is happening is that people are either in a hurry or they have not purchased a scraper or both.

What is the worst that can happen you say?  Well consider this sad scenario.  Driver has not cleared the windshield of ice.  Driver is taking the regular route to work, the same one taken every day, well known to the driver.  However, today, the city is working on a sewer problem and the workers are working at a manhole.  They have erected warnings and barriers, but our driver can’t see them through the ice.  The driver hits a crewman and throws him against his parked truck.  He breaks several bones, might have a brain jury and is in danger of paralysis.  This is a very serious injury which could have been avoided had the driver taken a little time and car.  The worker would have appreciated going home that night, but instead was in the hospital.

Drivers, take a minute and clear all those windows.

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