Why Trial Lawyers are Really Our Friends

Toyota has problems.  Those problems kill people.  Do you really trust the government to fix the problem.  Remember the Ford Pinto? It was not the government that forced Ford to fix the problem.  It was the private sector which forced Ford to fix the problem.  It was trial lawyers.  It was trial lawyers representing people who had been injured by the Pinto who developed the evidence to convince the world that the Pinto was a dangerous product and was killing people. Only after this evidence was made public, through a trial, did Ford do something about its dangerous Pinto.

John P. Young, of Young and Young, is your Indiana injury Attorney.  Young and Young has been representing injured Hoosiers, as private lawyers, for more than 56 years.  Mr. Young is proud to be associated with the firm form more than 22 years.  Young and Young represents Hoosiers injured in all different types of accidents.  These include construction accidents, drunk driving crashes, semi tractor-trailer accidents, highway accidents, traffic accidents, large truck accidents, and industrial accidents.  Mr. Young has experience with the medicine involved in most types of injuries, including burns, scarring, broken bones, spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis including paraplegia and quadriplegia, brain injury and wrongful death.

Americans know that the private sector is much more efficient than government agencies.  Americans do not want bigger government interfering with their lives.  The answer is continued strength of the civil justice system.  This system is the envy of the world, giving the little guy the ability to take on the largest corporations and the government when they have been injured or wronged.  Ask the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar (formerly Burma) if they wish they could legally and effectively take on their government.  Their answer would be a resounding “H—Yes”.  They would be astounded that Americans would want to limit such an effective system.

Only the moneyed interests want to see this system changed.  They want to limit the ability of lawyers to represent injured Americans.  Why?  For the same reason no one trusts congress – money!!  The less ability American Citizens have the right to press their rights to fair compensation, the richer the moneyed interests become.  When you hear the civil justice system is hurting our competitive edge, ask yourself who is preaching this message?  If it is the moneyed interests, what they are really saying is we want to be richer and compensating people we injure makes being richer harder, and we don’t like it.  Be critical in your thinking on this issue and resist the moneyed interests attempt to take away your rights.

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