Why Does Everyone Say Trampolines are Dangerous?

When I was a child, I loved trampolines.  One of our favorite activities on the trampoline was the double bounce.  This is where two people on the trampoline bounce at the same time, usually one is larger than the other.  Eventually the larger person gets the trampoline extended down as far as it will go and then pulls their feet up fast and the one person gets launched twice as high.  Herein lies the real danger of the trampoline.  Many people think the only danger lies in falling off the trampoline.   Falls can cause injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injury, back injury, paralysis (either paraplegia, quadriplegia or just a single limb), and broken bones. That is why you see trampolines with the netting around them to prevent the user from flying off the trampoline.  This netting merely gives the user a false sense of safety.  The sense of safety is false because a very real danger still lurks on the trampoline.

The larger danger is the loss of body control where the body turns upside down.  This danger is especially high in the double bounce.  The danger also exits when the user is alone on the trampoline.  When the user is turned upside down, they are in danger of landing on their head.  You see, your head is supported on your body by a flimsy neck.  In most instances the neck is strong enough to resist pressures that will injure the spinal cord.  Unfortunately  the neck is not strong enough to resist the pressure of your full weight coming down on the unstable surface of the trampoline.  The neck bends beyond it tolerances, and the vertebrae break.  The spinal cord is then allowed to push out of its canal and can be pinched or severed by the neck recoiling back into position.  This kind of injury causes paralysis, and possibly wrongful death.

The trampoline can be as dangerous as a wreck with a drunk driver, or a tractor-trailer crash.   Follow these links to learn more about the dangers.

CNN – Health experts: Dangers of trampolines underestimated

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS –  trampolines should never be used in the home environment

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