What You Need to Know About Social Security Disability Benefits in Indiana

John P. Young, of Young and Young has been helping disabled Hoosiers receive their Social Security Disability benefits for over 22 years.  Mr. Young has represented hundreds of disabled Hoosiers most in need.  Mr. Young is your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney. Today, I want to take some time to discuss the phase of the Social Security Disability process where the vast majority of fully favorable decisions are issued, the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.  In the world of Social Security Disability the process requires that you file an initial application.  If you are turned down on your initial application, you must file your first appeal, also known as the request for Reconsideration.  If you are turned down on your request for Reconsideration, you must file your second appeal which is called the Request for Hearing Before Administrative Law Judge.

>The Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge is a hearing held at the (ODAR).  There are approximately 82 ODAR offices around the Country.  In Indiana, Mr. Young’s office is directly across the street from the ODAR office.  This makes it very convenient for clients to come to Mr. Young’s office before the hearing for prehearing preparation.  Mr. Young personally meets with each client and makes certain that his clients fully understand the hearing process and knows what to expect from the hearing.  So what is discussed at this final preparation for the hearing?

First thing discussed is what happens at the hearing.  It is nothing like you see on TV.  No one is there to intimidate you.  No one will scream at you or try to make you feel small.  The hearing is a calm question and answer session.  In some instances Mr. Young will provide the Judge with a short opening statement and a brief closing statement discussing why the evidence supports your claim for disability. Every witness is placed under oath.  Although every hearing is different, the claimant will be asked a series of questions about their life and about their disability and about how that disability prevents you from working.  Mr. Young is with you at all times during the hearing.  If the Judge asks questions first, Mr. Young will be allowed to ask follow up questions to make sure you tell the judge everything you need to.  The judge may have expert witnesses in the room as well.  These might include a medical expert and/or a vocational expert. Mr. Young will have already obtained a copy of all your medical records, reviewed them and recorded the most important records to discuss with the medical expert(s).  Mr. Young will have already reviewed your past work to discuss which skills you may have learned from that work and how those skills will impact your ability to work.  This discussion will be with the vocational expert.

The important thing to remember is that it is natural to be nervous, because you are doing something you have never done before.  However, all you need to remember is that the truth is the only thing that matters. 

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