What Should I do if I am Injured in an Accident?

Knowledgeable accident attorneys and injury lawyers know that the dangers of having an accident – be it a motorcycle accident, highway accident with a semi tractor-trailer, a large truck accident, a wreck with a drunk driver, a truck crash , a construction accident , a fall, or even a battery.  Aggressive accident lawyers and injury attorneys also know that these types of accidents can cause all sorts of serious injuries.  When a traffic accident occurs what are some of the things you should do? 

Stay at the scene of the collision.  This will allow you to speak with the police and receive medical treatment if necessary.  In addition, state law requires you to stay at the scene. 

Call the police to begin an investigation in the cause of the collision. 

Wait for the police to tell them what happened, you do not need to give a statement to anyone else. 

If there are witnesses to the collision at the scene, and you are able to do so, write down their name, address and telephone number.  Sometimes witnesses do not have time to wait for the police.  Sometimes the police do not obtain all the names of the witnesses. 

Seek medical attention right away.  Even if you think you are okay, injuries have a way of showing themselves after the adrenaline rush is over.  

Follow your doctor’s advice.  

Contact Young and Young to assist you in the investigation of the vehicle accident.  As we have said in other blogs, a thorough and immediate investigation is very, very important.  Waiting can cause evidence and witnesses to be lost. 

Allow Young and Young to contact the insurance company for the negligent driver who caused the collision and your injuries.

 Focus on your recovery, following the medical advice you are given and allow Young and Young to worry about the claim.

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