What is the Process involved in your Social Security Disability Claim

As your Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyers, operating out of our Indianapolis offices, we pride ourselves on courteous, friendly service.  That is why you will always be working with an attorney through every step of the process.  I often receive questions about whether a claimant needs an attorney in the application process, and what happens if you are turned down on the first application.  Well, here is a short hand version of my standard answer.  Of course every situation is different, so if you have a specific question give us a call.

To file an application you can do it on line.  Go to www.ssa.gov.  Be careful, there are copy cat sites, so type in this address carefully (You can right click on the blue address and then paste it into the address bar on your browser.)   Or if you are not computer savvy, go to your local office.  Either way I recommend you have 4 lists ready and with you.  1.  Your medical providers with addresses; 2. Your medications with side effects, 3. Your jobs for the last 15 years including what you did physically at the job such as I sat most of the time or I walked most of the time, I lifted so many pounds frequently, etc, and 4, A complete list of your disabling conditions.  I cannot stress enough that this list must be complete.  When this is complete you may be, later, asked to see a doctor of the Administrations choosing.  Make sure you get to that appointment.  The whole process takes about 3-4 months.  If you are turned down on your application.  Do not despair, most people are turned down.  Call me and we will do the following.

First we will file a Request for Reconsideration for you. The process after the filing of the Req. For Recon. is loosely as follows. All additional records are obtained by the social security administration.  They may ask you to see another of their doctors, but that is not common.  I will have access to your efile within 10 days of mailing in my Appointment of Rep. form.  I will assess the file to see if we should ask for a determination on the record.  Such a determination is usually performed by an attorney working for the Administration.  They have a little bit more discretion than other SSA employees but not as much as a judge.  The whole process takes three to four months.  If you are denied at this level, then we file the request for Hearing before Administrative Law Judge and essentially follow the same process just described.  It is important to keep me informed of any changes in your medical condition so that we may obtain any additional records.

There are as many different issues as there are claimants, so I cannot answer every question in this short paragraph.  I am always happy to speak with you on the phone.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.