What is an Indiana Drunk Driving Lawyer?

Although it is illegal, many people still drink and drive. Drunk drivers cause all kinds of havoc.  It is common for drunk drivers to be in large truck accidents, semi tractor trailer accidents, traffic accidents, accidents with motorcycles, trucking accidents, accidents with pedestrians. The injuries and damages caused by a wreck with a drunk driver can be horrible.  So what is an Indiana Drunk Driving lawyer and why do you need one?

An Indiana Drunk Driving lawyer is an experienced accident lawyer and injury lawyer who makes it their business to make drunk drivers clean up the messes they make.  The smart injury attorney knows that fair compensation is essential for Hoosiers who have been injured by a drunk driver.  Experience is key.  You cannot afford to risk your family’s financial welfare by hiring a lawyer who does not work every day on pursuing drunk drivers when they have hurt another.  What does experience give you?  It gives you rapid response when the case first occurs.  It gives you the ability to work with police and prosecutors in the prosecution of the drunk driver who caused the injuries.  It gives you the knowledge of how to use the guilty plea or conviction of the drunk driver to your advantage when pressing your rights to fair compensation.  It gives you the ability to interact with your doctors to most effectively demonstrate the full extent of your injuries.  Sometimes graphic depictions of your injuries or how the injuries affect your life are essential to proving the full extent of the harm.

An experienced Indiana Drunk Driving Attorney gives you that personal touch, based on working with thousands of Hoosier families.  It gives you home visits and hospital visits and rehabilitation visits and discussions about how you are going to get through all of this with your family and life intact. At Young and Young, we are experienced Indiana Drunk Driving attorneys.  John P. Young has been on the front line with families who have been devastated by drunk drivers. Mr. Young has represented Hoosiers injured by drunk drivers for more than 21 years.  Mr. Young is a member of Mother Against Drunk Driving and has been for years.  Mr. Young has been in attendance at Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Statements.  Mr. Young has created day in the life videos telling those who need to hear it, all about this special person who was killed by the drunk driver, or all about the injuries caused by the drunk driver.  Mr. Young is an experienced and aggressive Indiana Drunk Driving injury attorney.  Call today.

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