What Does Super Lawyer Mean?

When Choosing A Lawyer or Law Firm for Your Case, Look at Their Legal Experience

I am a double Board Certified Trial Lawyer.  I am Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and by the National Board of Civil Pretrial Practice Advocacy.  In order to achieve this status, I had to represent seriously injured Hoosiers in a number of cases.  This includes participating in trials, participating in the preparation necessary to bring the cases to trial and then passing an eight hour written test.  I have to renew my Certification every 5 years.  In other words, I earned this certification.  I earned it by representing Hoosiers in automobile collisions, semi tractor-trailer accidents, construction accidents, drunk driving accidents, road design cases and many, many more.  I earned this certification by representing seriously injured Hoosiers including those with paralysis, spinal cord injuries, brain injury, broken bones, wrongful death and more. I earned this certification through almost 25 years of hard work.

What is A Super Lawyer?

A Super Lawyer is an advertising gimmick.  You do not have to have any skill to be a super lawyer.  You do not have to have tried any cases.  You do not have to know anything about preparing a case for trial.  It is true that you have to be elected , at one point to be a Super Lawyer.  However, two of my partners have been Super Lawyers for more than ten years and they do not even know why.  In fact, one of my partners has complained to the Indiana Supreme Court that the Super Lawyers  gimmick is misleading to the public and is not a true reflection of a lawyers worth or merit.  You will see a magazine put out in a few weeks that has a bunch of glossy adds about Super Lawyers.  Know this about that, they are only ads, and the real reason it is being done is to make money by the magazine for the costs of the adds.

Be Careful Who You Hire As A Lawyer – ALWAYS Do Your Research First!

Choose A Top Law Firm with Years of Experience in Indianapolis

I know I am tilting at wind mills, but you do not select your doctor based on an ad, you ask people who they use or would recommend.  Why would you trust your case to a person about whom you know nothing other than that they advertise.  Consult your friends and family on important issues such as this.

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