Visibility and Driving Tips from Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys

Ah spring is here and with it the sap is rising in the trees. What you may not know is that the tree sap escapes from the tree and falls to the ground. Not all the sap escapes of course, and what does escape is in particles small enough to escape our attention. So, why are your Indiana serious injury lawyers going on about tree sap? Many cars park outside.  Many of those cars are parked under trees.  Many of those cars parked under trees are catching sap oozing from the trees.  Some of that sticky stuff is hitting the wind screen.  If enough of the sap hits the wind screen it starts to catch the dust and pollen floating around the air.  If the car is parked in the shade and you are backing out of your drive you probably will not notice a problem. However, when you drive into the direction of the sun, the glare on the wind screen sap and dust will blind you.  It can be a lot like driving with a frosted windscreen.

There are a few steps you can take to avoid this problem.  If you can avoid it do not park under trees.  If you cannot avoid that, you can place a screen on the wind screen that catches the sap.  Inspect your wind screen before you drive to make sure your visibility will not be a factor.

You might be thinking to yourself, “C’mon, the glare can’t be that bad” but glare causes a lot of car crashes with serious injuries.  Take for instance a collision which happened on Wednesday April 13, 2011.  A young girl was crossing the 1800 block of Washington Street when she was struck by a motorist who states he was temporarily blinded by glare.   Unfortunately the girl was taken to Wishard Hospital in critical condition.  We wish this young girl Godspeed with her recovery.  We also ask you to take the glare seriously and keep you wind screen clear.

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