Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits – Young and Young Attorneys at Law

As your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorneys, representing disabled Hoosiers all over the State from our Indianapolis offices we hear a lot of the same initial questions about Social Security Disability.  Those questions include: Am I eligible?, How much money will my benefits be?, How do I apply? How does the Social Security administration make the decision?, and more.  Well, we take a very hands on approach to your social Security Disability claim.  John P. Young, a partner with Young and Young, will personally speak to you about your claim when you call.  He will ask you a few questions to make a preliminary decision about your claim.  He will also take the time to answer your questions.  Mr. Young will then set up a meeting to discuss with you personally your claim and your application or appeal.  Mr. Young will file all the paperwork necessary to appeal your claim.  He will obtain your file from the Social Security Administration and obtain your medical records.  He will personally prepare you for your hearing and will attend the hearing with you.

Now to some of these questions.  Are you eligible?  There are two kinds of Social Security Disability benefits.  The first is Title II Disability.  You are eligible for Title II Disability if you are disabled and you have worked, and paid into the FICA tax fund, for 5 out of the last 10 years.  Paying the FICA tax is like paying the premium for your disability insurance.  If you are disabled, but have not worked enough, then you may be eligible for Title XVI Supplemental Security Income.  This is essentially a welfare program.  You must be disabled, but there is not the work requirement.  There are many conditions and restrictions associated with SSI, too many to discuss here.

How much will my monthly benefits be?  This depends on whether you are eligible for Title II  or Title XVI.  Title XVI pays less, and the maximum payment is in the $700.00 dollar range.  If you are eligible for Title II your benefits will depend on your earnings.  The hirer the earnings the higher the benefit.  The minimum will be in the area of five hundred dollars, in which case you may also be eligible for SSI, the maximum is in the $2,500.00 dollar range.  Yes, if you are eligible for benefits your under age 18 children will also be eligible.

The Social Security Administration uses a very precise set of regulations to determine if you are disabled.  There are much too many rules to go into here.  Suffice it to say, the most important rule for you to remember is that in order to be found disabled, the Social Security Administration will require you to show proof you are disabled.  This proof comes in the form of medical records of tests, examinations and treatment.  Without good medical records it is nearly impossible to obtain your benefits.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.