Two Teen Pedestrians Struck By Hit-and-Run Suspected Drunk Driver

When we think about the disastrous effects of drunk driving, the image conjured up is usually a car-on-car accident. However, a suspected drunk driver mowed down two 15-year-old girls who were merely walking on the sidewalk in Indianapolis near Keystone Avenue. To make matters worse, the driver fled the scene, although he was shortly thereafter arrested by police after ramming a parked car. The motorist apparently has a long rap sheet, including two previous drunken driving convictions. One of the teens is listed in critical condition, while the other has been upgraded to stable. Hopefully both girls will fully recover from their injuries, and we wish them all the best.

The motorist, who is in Marion County Jail, faces the following preliminary charges: causing an injury while operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated, and failure to stop after an accident involving injury. [As we discussed in a prior blog entry, in late March a visitor to Indianapolis was killed by a suspected drunk driver in a car-on-pedestrian accident.]

In a horrendous case like this, the criminal justice system will obviously prosecute the suspect (who is innocent until proven guilty) to the fullest extent of the law. Separately, the civil justice system allows the victim and the victim’s family to seek money damages from the offender to compensate them for the injuries. That’s where a qualified, experienced personal injury lawyer comes in. If you, a friend, or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident, call Young & Young in Indianapolis for a personal, confidential, and no-charge consultation. Our firm has 55 years of experience helping Hoosiers obtain full compensation for injuries caused by intoxicated drivers on Indiana roads.

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