Trooper Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver

As everyone knows, last night was Game 7 of the NBA Championship between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. A horrific highway accident out of Massachusetts may have a connection with the deciding game. A state trooper who had pulled over another driver weaving across lanes in an Acura on suspicion of drunk driving in the early morning hours was killed by another driver, who apparently also was drunk. According to the Boston Herald, "As [the officer] spoke with that driver… another driver allegedly smashed a Ford truck into the Acura, which dragged [the officer] across three lanes."

A 28-year-veteran of the force, the trooper leaves a wife and four children. Both drivers in question had extensive driving infractions and multiple traffic accidents on their records.  The driver of the Ford truck on a preliminary basis has been charged with vehicular homicide among other things, and additional charges may be forthcoming following an investigation. The Acura driver has been charged with drunk driving. There are a lot of as-yet unanswered questions in this incident, which the investigation will probably resolve.

This is pure speculation at this point, but perhaps one or both of the men could have been returning from Celtics viewing parties or sports bars. For what’s it worth, the Ford motorist is pictured in the Boston Herald wearing a Celtics jersey as he is being led into a Massachusetts court today. The state has revoked the licenses of both drivers, and the likelihood is that the operator of the truck will spend a significant time behind bars. A civil suit for wrongful death is also likely.

Major sporting events, particularly the Super Bowl, have almost become national holidays. With celebrations comes drinking. Most people drink responsibly, but this tragedy reaffirms that sadly not everyone takes the dangers associated with alcohol and driving seriously.

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