Toyota Troubles

Sudden acceleration and braking problems, what a crazy combination!  Aggressive accident lawyers and accident attorneys know that either one of these problems can cause highway accidents with semi tractor-trailers, motorcycle accidents, large truck crashes, crashes with drunk drivers, fatal accidents, trucking accidents, and all kinds of traffic accidents. Smart injury lawyers knows these car wrecks can result in severe injuries including spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis including paraplegia and quadriplegia, brain injuries, back injuries, broken bones, burns, amputation and even wrongful death.  However the combination of unexpected acceleration and braking problems is likely to result in more traffic accidents and more severe injuries. 

Toyota is now voluntarily recalling at least ten models of cars with one or both of these problems.  This totals more than 8.5 million cars. This recall is prompted from statistics including at least 34 wrongful death accidents since the year 2000.  The National Highway Safety Administration has received more than 1000 complaints about the Prius in the last week.  It should be noted that of these 1000 complaints received, none have as yet been verified. 

One of the truly frightening aspects of this problem is that Toyota cannot reproduce the problems in trials.  This means that Toyota does not really know what is causing the problem.  Toyota has speculated that the acceleration issue might be caused by the electronics involved with the acceleration system.  Toyota has conducted its own testing and hired an outside consulting firm to try to understand the problem.  However their testing tends to support the idea that the problem is not in the electronic system supporting the acceleration system.  This begs an important question, if Toyota does not know what is causing the problem, then what are they doing to your car when you take it in for the recall?   Toyota is installing what they are referring to as a fix, but can it really be a fix if the problem is unknown? 

If you have a Toyota, please go to either Toyota’s website  or the National Highway Safety Administration  to see if it is the subject of a recall and if it is, what you need to do to protect yourself and your family.  The NHSA has issued the following information as of February 10, 2010: Toyota consumers should check the provided list of recalled vehicles and pay close attention to their vehicles. If you are experiencing any problems with your Toyota vehicle, park the vehicle in a safe place and immediately call your Toyota dealer or Toyota’s North American headquarters at 1-800-331-4331. 

If you have been in a collision with your Toyota, and were injured, and the care rapidly accelerated or the braking system failed, give John P. Young a call.  John can help you and your family work through all the issues you are now facing.

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