To Those Trying to Take Away Our Constitutional Rights

I’ve been reading a little history about a group of people who used propaganda, fear tactics and outright lies to outlaw their country’s constitutionally guaranteed rights and take over the government.  I am shaken because I see a group of Americans trying to do the same thing now. The group uses propaganda to convince Americans that one of their constitutional rights is at the root of an unpatriotic assault on our country’s existence. You have heard it in newspaper stories and on the internet that the civil justice system needs to be done away with because it is a lottery system to enrich liars and fakers claiming they were injured. This propaganda instills fear of the system in those the system works to protect.  Part of the propaganda are lies told about the system in the way of false jury verdicts based on outrageous facts.  I received one such email the other day about the Stella Awards.  This award, based wholly upon lies, is named after the woman who was burned by scalding coffee at McDonalds.  To learn the truth about the coffee case, watch the movie HOT COFFEE.  To learn the truth about the Stella Awards go to the Urban Legends website.

Indianapolis Personal Injury AttorneysIf the civil justice system was really a threat to our economic well being, why use lies and propaganda to attack it?  Why not use the truth?  The reason they use lies and propaganda is because they are banking on the fact that good people will keep their mouths shut and not stand up to those who want to rob us of our constitutional rights.  Their motivation is not perfectly clear because it is a shadowy group, but it does seem clear that if the little guy is locked out of the Court House, if the little guy has not equal footing with mega corporations such as insurance companies, then these corporations are free to do whatever they please at the expense of the little guy.

Your Constitutional right under assault is The Sixth Amendment:


The group in history who used propaganda, fear tactics and lies to control their government was the German National Socialist Party which took over the German Government in 1933. Within a month of a democratic election, the Reichschtag burned and the German people were told it was a communist plot, that they must temporarily give up their constitutional rights for their own protection. The German people believed the lies and gave up their freedoms.  They thought it was temporary.  They thought it would protect them, not cause them harm. A week later Hindenberg signed the document on behalf of the German people giving absolute power to one man. The next 12 years proved the German people and the world wrong.  Giving up rights out of fear is dangerous.  I think it was Jefferson who said that those who give up their rights to obtain protection deserve neither.

Never let lies be used to create fear to allow us to give up our rights. Stand up when you hear or see them and tell the purveyors of these lies that we will not allow them to take our rights through lies and fear.


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