Thousands of Hoosiers suffer brain injury every year

Thousands of Hoosiers suffer brain injury every year. Brain injury is one of the most common injury in a collision, fall, or traumatic event. Brain injury can occur even if the person is not knocked unconscious.If you have ever been in a collision, a fall, or otherwise have hit your head, and you had the sensation of being knocked goofy, or having your bell rung, you probably have had a brain injury.

Brain injury is categorized as severe, moderate or mild. These categorizations are based on many factors including whether you were knocked unconscious, and if so, how long you were unconscious. Don’t be fooled by the term Mild Brain injury. Even those with mild brain injury can have life long medical problems and even an inability to work. Brian injury is often frustrating to its victims because they often times have no outward signs of the injury. They look normal. This makes people think that the person with a brain injury, who looks normal, is either drunk, or weird or strange. This can be very difficult for the brain injured person.

Prevention is the best way to deal with brain injury. Wear a helmet when riding your bike or are involved in other rigorous activities.

Most States have Brain Injury Associations. In Indiana, the Brain Injury Association is quite active and is a resource for families dealing with Brain Injury and for persons who have been injured. You can contact the BIAI at 356-7722. John P. Young is a long time member of the Association, Member of the Board of Directors, Past Chair of the Board of Directors and current member of the emeritus board. Years of experience result in effective representation with Brain Injury claims.

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