The Wedding “Crashers”

There is never a good time to get into a traffic accident, whether it’s a minor fender-bender or a serious car wreck, but having it happen on your wedding day is perhaps the worst of all possible contingencies. Last Saturday afternoon, a shuttle bus carrying a wedding party in downtown Indianapolis collided with an SUV. The impact tipped over the bus on its side, and tragically one of the members of the party was killed from head trauma. Some 14 others suffered minor injuries. The group of celebrants was on its way to take wedding-day pictures.

Police indicate that one of the drivers in the road accident ran a red light; an investigation is ongoing as to who was at fault. Authorities also drew blood samples, which is standard procedure in a fatal accident.

With the help of nurses and others, the steadfast couple exchanged vows in a conference area in Methodist Hospital’s emergency room later that day, with about 100 people in attendance for the brief, emotional ceremony.

A subsequent news media account indicates that witnesses told police that the bus operator failed to stop at the red light. As an added twist, the SUV motorist apparently was driving without a license. No arrests were made at the scene, however. Presumably multiple Indiana personal injury lawsuits will arise out of this incident–a wedding day that no one involved will ever forget.

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