The Truth About Serious Personal Injury Cases

As an Indiana Serious Personal Injury Attorney practicing all over the State of Indiana from our offices in Indianapolis, I want to offer another point in my question to improve the Civil Justice System.  As you all know our civil justice system is the best in the world.  In this civilized and effective system, businesses work out disputes without violence.  In this system our government is called to task for errors and omissions, another check in the balance of power. Seriously injured people, the victims of drunk driving accidents, highway accidents, motorcycle accidents and the like, are able to bring their claims to the civil justice system in an attempt to find fair compensation and justice. However, improvements should  always be considered.

I suggest that jurors should always be told the truth about Insurance.  Currently, if a person is injured and brings their claim to Court, the jury is not told whether the person who caused the collision, and injuries, has insurance which will cover the claim.  The person bringing the claim must tell the jury they have health insurance, so why is the jury not told that there is liability coverage that will pay the judgment?  The answer is that the insurance companies have convinced the Courts that Jurors are not trustworthy.  The insurance companies assert that if the jurors know there is insurance they will give the injured person more than fair compensation.  I, for one, believe that jurors are honest, intelligent and want to do the right thing according to the law.  So I think the reasons for not telling Jurors the truth about the existence of insurance do not hold up.  As the civil justice system is based finding the truth, withholding the truth from jurors is not justifiable and should not be done.

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