The Sam Schmidt Foundation

The Sam Schmidt Foundation  is dedicated to curing paralysis.  Sam’s motto is “It’s not if, but when?”  Many of you may remember Sam Schmidt, a successful driver on the Indy Care open wheel circuit.  He injured his spinal cord while driving at the  Indianapolis 500 Mile track in Indianapolis.  Sam’s never say quit outlook has lead him on a journey to find the cure for paralysis and to help those dealing with spinal injury and paralysis to thrive and live full lives.  I first became aware of Sam’s Foundation when a very good friend and client injured his spinal cord and became quadriplegic.  While Bob was in the Rehabilitation Hospital in Indianapolis, trying to make sense of what happened to him and what he was going to do with the rest of his life, he was visited by none other than Sam. I was not present, but when I saw Bob after Sam’s visit, I detected a new sense of purpose for Bob.  He knew that his injuries were not the end of his life.  Bob knew there was much for him to do and achieve and he set out on that journey with a passion.

Sam’s mission statement, taken from his website:

Leading the Charge to Cure Paralysis.
The Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation helps individuals overcome spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders by funding scientific research, medical treatment, rehabilitation and technological advances. This research also benefits stroke victims and people diagnosed with ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Sam was injured in a professional motor sports car crash.  Bob was injured in a fall from a climbing tree stand.  Hoosiers across the state are injured in semi tractor-trailer crashes, or drunk driver accidents, or motorcycle collisions or construction accidents.  It does not matter how the spinal cord injury occurs.  What really matters is that the spinal cord injured Hoosier know that they and their family are not alone.  People like Sam Schmidt, and his foundation, are an inspiration to all.

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