Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving is Very Similar to Drunk Driving

Statistics tell us that a person who is texting while driving is distracted to the point that the driver is the equivalent of a drunk driver. 

Is Your Teenager Informed About the Dangers of Texting & Drinking While Driving?

I am pleased to report that in my world the teenagers I encounter are well educated about the danger of drunk driving.  I hear many stories about parents who speak frankly with their children about drunk driving.  This may include telling them to stay where they are, call a cab which will be paid for no questions asked when they arrive home, or even getting up and picking them up.  We are not condoning teen alcohol consumption and believe that all steps must be taken to educate teens about the dangers of alcohol, the positive features of abstinence and moderation.  However, we know that teens are, at sometime, going to experiment.  This means they will lose control.  This mean they must know that we are there to help them when they need it.

Texting While Driving Can Have Severe Consequences

Although education programs are increasing teen awareness of the dangers of texting while driving (TWD) more must be done.  Parents, the laws against TWD are difficult to enforce.  We cannot rely upon the police to protect our children.  We must talk with them in the same way we must talk with them about the dangers of drunk driving.  Serious personal and wrongful death are the consequences of TWD.  Not only does TWD pose a threat to others on the road, but it is a threat to the texter. Paralysis, broken bones, brain injury and other serious personal injury await those who text and drive.

Don’t Text & Drive – It Can Wait!

Put that phone down, or stop at a safe location.  Your friends will understand if your response is delayed.  If they do not, they are not true friends.

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