Texting IS Impaired Driving

texting and drivingWe all know that drunk driving is dangerous because the driver’s perception, reaction time and decision making are slowed, if not functional.  The alcohol effects the drunk drivers body by interfering with the brains ability to communicate effectively with the other parts of the body.  It is almost as if the danger information is not communicated to the body so that the body cannot react and avoid problems.  The biggest problem is that the drunk driver is operating a 2000 pound missile at speed.

Texting and driving presents all the same dangers.  Instead of alcohol interfering with the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body, the phone interferes with the brains function.  If the texter is looking at the screen, the brain is not perceiving changes in its environment.  If the texter’s brain is thinking about the next thing to say, or reacting what it has perceived in a text , it is not thinking about the road, or the welfare of other drivers or the welfare of the texter.  If the texter’s brain is communicating with the phone, it is not telling the foot to brake because the light just turned to red.

I ride my bike most days, and every time I ride my bike, and I mean every time I ride my bike, I see texter’s doing things that would lead to the arrest of the drunk driver. We all know that drunk driving can result in serious personal injury, including wrongful death, amputation, paralysis and brain injury, just to mention a few. Texting driving causes the same potential for the same serious personal injuries.

So do yourself, your parents, your friends, your loved ones and all the people driving around you a huge favor,

PUT DOWN THE PHONE!           

Wait til you get there or pull over.  Just don’t text and drive.

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