Teen Driver Allegedly Falls Asleep, Crashes Into Minivan

A local Indiana media outlet is reporting that an 18-year-old man avoided serious injury despite being in a car-minivan accident westbound on the Indiana Toll Road. The accident occurred on Monday afternoon near the S.R. 19 overpass in Elkhart. The driver may have fallen asleep, according to the media report and perhaps as a result, his car struck the minivan. The minivan went off  into a ditch but the minivan operator was unhurt. The car, however, flipped and burned, although the driver fortunately escaped with minor burns. The car was a total loss.

In June, we blogged about a Virginia study suggesting that sleep deprivation may be a factor the high rate of teen traffic accidents. Police are investigating this incident, and it  remains to be seen if the driver in this case dozed off.  As another common-sense principle, drivers should never get behind the wheel if they are having a hard time keep their eyes open.

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