Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into Indianapolis Residence

In a famous, recurring sketch, the Monty Python comedy group used to joke that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. No one really expects a car to come crashing through your front door, either, but the following incident suggests that you can’t be totally safe from the actions of a drunk driver, even if your own car is parked in the garage.

Earlier this week, a motorist swerving to avoid another vehicle wound up smashing into the front of an Indianapolis residence on Troy Avenue. Police arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to news reports, the motorist was only slightly injured in the actual accident but later suffered some kind of medical issue after being admitted to the hospital and is now on life support. Miraculously, none of the family members in the home were injured, but the house itself was damaged to the tune of about $75,000, including a kitchen that will need to be entirely rebuilt.

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