Social Security Disability Requires Medical Documentation

Indianapolis Social Security AttorneysYou have a disease or injury or illness.  You realize you can no longer work.  You know you have to file for Social Security Disability, but you are not sure of the first step.  Most people assume that the first step is to actually file for the Social Security Disability benefits.  This is a pretty good assumption.  However it is not completely accurate.  The first step is to see your doctor and have your disease , injury or illness documented.  The doctor will perform tests which will hopefully help the doctor reach a diagnosis and begin treatment.  This treatment might help you get over your condition.  If it does not help you get over your condition, all this work with your doctor will provide the foundation to support your Social Security Disability claim.

You  see, the Social Security Administration requires that the applicant provide documentation of their medical disability before they will grant benefits.  If you are unable or unwilling to provide documentation of your disabling condition, your chances of success on your application are much less than the claimant that has the medical tests and examinations that objectively document the disabling condition.  For psychological disabilities it is necessary that you have a longitudinal course of treatment to support your claim.  This means that you must establish a medical relationship with a psychiatrist, psychologist and or a counselor for several sessions to document your diagnosis, and to document the effect of treatment on the condition.

I am glad to talk with you about these requirements and help you with your application.  Please write or call so that we can discuss the issues important to you.

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