Social Security Disability Application and Medical Records

Indianapolis Social Security AttorneyI just got off the phone with one of my Social Security Disability clients.  His file came up on my diary system.  I called him because his wife’s insurance through her new job was going to become effective in middle May and I wanted to make sure he had scheduled an appointment with his cardiologist for a full cardiac examination.  I wanted him to have this full work up for two reasons.  The first is for his overall health.  He has a bad ticker and because he has not been working he lost his insurance and has not been able to get back to his doctor for a few years.  The second reason is that when a person files for Social Security Disability, that person has the obligation of producing medical records which objectively establish the presence of the disabling condition as well as establishing the severity of the condition.

My client told me that he had been sent to a cardiologist by the Social Security Administration for an echo cardiogram.  He wondered if this test was sufficient to make his proof.  He wondered this because they were just getting back on their feet and the deductible for the cardiac work up could surely be used for other bills.  I told my client that I certainly understand the tight money woes caused by the economy and his being out of work.  But, I also told him that the echo cardiogram, although a good test, is not enough.  It is not enough because it just a snapshot in time and might not even be a good test for his particular medical condition.  I stand by that statement.  It is always best to have your own doctors work you up.  They are given more credibility than the Social Security Administration doctors.  They are also the doctors who know you best and have your best medical interests at heart.

So, if you have a disability and are applying for benefits, make sure you see your doctor and share with them the truth about your medical condition.

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