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Indianapolis Social Security AttorneyCan You Get Medical Disability Benefits?

One of the most common questions I get, when talking to people about their social security claim is, “ Do I qualify for benefits?”. My first response to that question is well, why do you think you are disabled and what do your doctors say about the subject? Usually the person tells me why they think they are disabled.

Do You Have Objective Evidence To Prove Your Disability?

I then have to ask, because they usually forget to tell me what their doctor has to say, do you have any medical proof that you have a medical condition that is causing you those terrible symptoms. The callers usually asks, what kind of proof are you talking about. I respond by saying any kind of objective evidence that proves you have the problem you say you have.

What is Objective Evidence?

Objective evidence of a condition usually takes the form of some kind of test. If the problem is a spine problem, the objective evidence can be one of many tests such a CT scan, MRI, Bone scan or x-ray. If the problem is a nerve problem, and EMG is a common tests. If the problem is a breathing problem, a pulmonary function test is a common objective test. If the problem has to do with a blood disorder (Anemia, polycythemia vera, rheumatoid arthritis) a blood test is an objective test. Generally there is an objective test for most problems.

A Medical Condition MUST Be Causing the Disability

The rules and regulations put out by the Social Security Administration require that the claimant submit medical evidence of the existence and the severity of the medical condition causing the alleged disability. If the claimant has not seen a doctor and obtained the tests, I tell them they stand no chance of getting benefits. Many folks complain that they are uninsured and cannot get the medical tests performed to see if they have a medical condition that is causing disability. I encourage these folks to apply for Medicaid, The Healthy Indiana Plan, or the Wishard Advantage Program if they live in Marion County. I also encourage them to seek out free or reduced cost clinics to get that medical treatment. Sometimes, I encounter folks who have some money but are uninsured, essentially the working poor. They tell me that they would have to give up things for their children or paying their mortgage to pay for the medical tests. I tell them that although their choices are few, and not very good choices, they are still choices and if they think they are disabled, they must provide evidence of that disability.

If you are thinking you are disabled, make sure you get proper medical care and treatment. It may help you avoid disability, but if it cannot, it will be the evidence you need to make your claim.

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