Social Security Disability & Compassionate Allowances in Indianapolis, IN

Do You Need Help Obtaining Social Security Disability?

In order to be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, the claimant must show proof of the existence of a disabling condition that is expected to last at least twelve months. Some conditions are known to be so disabling that they are considered compassionate allowance conditions (CAL).

What Are Compassionate Allowances?

Compassionate Allowances, or CALs, are way of quickly identifying disabling conditions and diseases that invariably qualify for disabled status under the Listings of Impairment. The Listing of Impairments is exactly what it sounds like., it is a list of Injuries, illnesses, or diseases, that qualify you for disability if your condition is severe enough.

Do You Need Help With Compassionate Allowance & Social Security in Indiana?

We can help you identify whether your condition qualifies as a CAL. Please give us a call or write for more information.

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