Social Security and Medicare in Indianapolis, IN

If you are entitled to Title II Social Security Disability Income, then two years after the date you became disabled, you are entitled to Medicare.  If you are not entitled to Title Two Disability, and you are eligible for Title XVI Supplemental Security Income, then you may be eligible for Medicare.  It depends on how much money you contributed to the Medicare trust fund, through taxation.  If you have never worked, then you are ineligible for Medicare.

So, if you are not eligible for Medicare, what are your options?  Most people who are eligible to receive funds from the SSI program are eligible for Medicaid.  So what is the difference.  The two programs, Medicare and Medicaid are two distinct medical insurance programs.  They are operated by distinct government offices.  Medicare is a strictly federal program and is based on your contributions during your working life.  Medicaid is a State run program.  It consists mainly of federal dollars, with some contribution by the State. It is a need based program.  This means that if you fall below a predetermined income level, and asset level, you are likely eligible for Medicaid.  There are several restrictions on Medicaid, as there are in cases involving SSI.  One such restriction is the amount of assets you are allowed to have.  This is a very low number, and if your assets are above this number, you will have to spend these assets down prior to your eligibility for Medicaid.

I have been representing Hoosiers who are applying for Social Security Disability Benefits  for 24 years.   I have significant experience with the rules and regulations governing eligibility.  I have been to hundreds of Hearing before Administrative Law Judge with my clients.  I know the medicine and I know the rules.  If you require help with your Social Security Disability Claim, give me a call.

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