Should I get a Police Accident Report?

Many times people who are in automobile collisions do not think they are hurt or there is  much property damage.  They will not want to take the time to call the police and have a police report completed.  This can be a very costly mistake if they later find out that they are injured or find more damage to their vehicle than meets the eye.  A police report can result in valuable photos at the scene and the names and addresses of witnesses who may not otherwise offer their contact information. A police report can better assure getting accurate information from the person who caused the collision. This can include correct name, address and insurance information.  It is best to error on the side of caution and take the time to get a report made at the scene. If you find out later that your injuries are more serious than you originally thought or your vehicle has damage that was not visible to the eye at the scene, this valuable information could be lost and cause a whole set of new problems for you in getting reimbursed for your damages.

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