Serious Personal Injury Lawyer Touts Reduction in Drunk Driving Accidents

Indianapolis Personal Injury AttorenysDrunk driving accidents are a scourge on the Hoosier state and the CountrySerious personal injury, including but not limited to, broken bones, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and wrongful death are what we reap when drunks drive.  Hoosier families are ripped apart on both sides of the steering wheel.  One family either loses a loved one or has to watch as their loved one struggles to pay bills, earn a living and support their children.  On the other side of the steering wheel, a Hoosier family has to watch their loved one go to jail, and struggle to make ends meet while the bread winner is in jail.  It is a no win situation.  It starts with a person’s lack of empathy (the ability to feel and understand the situation of other people), and leads to making decisions that cause death and destruction.

Well, we finally have good news to report.  We are making headway in the fight against drunk driving.  A new federal report (from the Centers for Disease Control) indicates that drunk driving accidents have decreased 30 percent over the last five years.  To put this in perspective, out of every 100 Hoosiers, 30 fewer people suffered serious personal injury or wrongful death in the last five years than was the case in the five years preceding.  This means there are 30 people who are still working, earning a living, caring for their families and being productive members of society.  While this is a great thing, it is still not enough.  For those thirty people who escaped injury, there are 70 who needlessly fell victim to the reckless indifference of a few Hoosiers who do not care enough about themselves and others to avoid driving while drunk.  

Please, designate a driver, call a cab, walk, call a friend.  Do anything, but do not get behind the wheel of that car after you have been drinking.

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