Serious Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Holiday Drinking

holiday drinkingThe holidays are a time to be of good cheer.  Common at all parties is alcohol.  Common to alcohol is drunk driving.  Common to drunk driving are drunk driving accidents.  Common to Drunk driving accidents are serious person al injuries including brain injury, broken bones, paralysis and even wrongful death.  Common to serious personal injury is the devastating impact on families.  Bread winners can’t work.  Crushing medical bills drive Hoosiers into bankruptcy. Homes are lost.  Families are splintered. All because someone does not have the restraint or sense to call a cab, or walk or let someone else have their keys.

For the sake of all Hoosier families, including your own, if you are going to be drinking, resolve beforehand that you will not drive.  Keep a cab telephone number in your purse or wallet.  Leave your car at home and take a cab both ways.  Allow someone who has not been drinking to take your keys and drive you home. Do anything, but do not get behind the wheel drunk.  Do not destroy your life and the lives of Hoosier families. Don’t drink and drive.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.