Serious Injury Lawyer Says Watch Out For Cyclists

The roads are not reserved for the two four wheel variety of transportation. Now that the warm months are upon us, we are seeing more bicycles and motorcycles sharing our roads.  This recognition is the first essential in helping to protect our two wheeled Hoosiers.  Cyclist are not generally as visible as a car.  So, all drivers must keep in mind to be on  the lookout for them.  Keep in mind that if you hit a cyclist and cause serious personal injury, such as a spinal injury, paraplegia, broken bones or even wrongful death, you may not be able to forgive yourself.  Knowing that you have interfered with a fellow Hoosier’s ability to work, earn a living and support their family is a heavy burden.

Sue Ann Vanderbeck is struggling with the guilt and consequences of her negligence this very moment. (Remember, negligence is the failure to use reasonable care, in other words to be on the lookout for a cyclist and avoid impact).  On September 30, 2010, at about 12:30 a.m. Mrs. Vanderbeck struck a police officer on a training ride on U.S. 40 west of Knightstown, IN.  She left the scene.  William Phillips suffered wrongful death as a result of her actions.  I am certain that not a moment goes by that Mrs. Vanderbeck does not wish that she could change the events of that night and let Officer Phillips return to his family. Unfortunately for all involved, that is not possible.

Take a lesson from the tragedy of Officer Williams and Mrs. Vanderbeck, keep an extra sharp lookout for cyclists sharing the road.  An ounce of prevention prevents a lifetime of guilt, grief and loss.

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