Semi Tractor-Trailer Crashes, Car Crashes and the Little Black Box

What do semi tractor-trailer collisions, automobile collisions, drunk driving accidents and motorcycle collisions all have in common?  They are all likely to have data recording devices which can provide a huge amount of information about the vehicle involved in the crash.  I refer to this device as a black box.  I call it this because this is what we are accustomed to hearing when we hear about a plane crash.  It is a good descriptor because even though the data recording devices in land vehicles might not yet record as much information as a plane recorder, the technology is improving.  Depending how advanced the recorder is it probably records information such as the speed of the vehicle for twenty seconds prior to the crash.  This twenty seconds is likely to be broken into 10ths of seconds.  The device will also record acceleration, deceleration, timing of the application of brakes, whether the seatbelt was engaged, and much more.  The device will also record this information for several seconds after the crash.

The device is easily located within most cars, but it is best to have it accessed by an expert.  This insures that the information is properly preserved and admissible at any court proceedings. It is important to note that if the car is driven after the collision, the recorder will record over the information saved after the collision.  Therefore, if you are in a crash, and this information will be important, do not move the vehicles.  Allow them to be towed.  Contact an attorney immediately so that this vital evidence can be properly preserved.  We have a great deal of experience with these recording devices.  We know the experts who are trained to retrieve this information.  Give us a call so that we can help you and your family.

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