Semi Tractor Trailer Accidents and Rules for Inspection Maintenance and Repair of Vehicles

truck accident attorneyRules exist to ensure the safe operation of Semi tractor Trailer collisions. The rules strike a balance between ensuring that product make its way across the country to keep our economy moving and making the road as safe as possible for American families. It is sensible to require that everyone associated with a motor carrier, be knowledgeable. See § 396.1Scope.(a) Every motor carrier, its officers, drivers, agents, representatives, and employees directly concerned with the inspection or maintenance of commercial motor vehicles must be knowledgeable of and comply with the rules of this part.

In order to maximize the safety of equipment used on the road, Every motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider must systematically inspect, repair, and maintain, or cause to be systematically inspected, repaired, and maintained, all motor vehicles and intermodal equipment subject to its control. § 396.3-Inspection, repair, and maintenance..Thorough records must be created and maintained by the carrier for one year, while the vehicle remains under the control of the carrier, and for six months after the vehicle leaves the carriers control.

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