Seeing salt makes for dangerous winter driving

I have been representing seriously injured Hoosiers for 23 years.  We handle all different types of automobile collision casesOne thing that is common to most collisions, whether they be automobile crashes, truck crashes,  or semi tractor-trailer crashes is impaired sight.   We see serious personal injury arise out of drivers not seeing motorcyclists and turning into their path.  Many times people will not look over their left shoulder to check their blind spot, enter the lane to their left and hit the car properly in that lane.  People turning right at an intersection will look to their left to see if there are any oncoming car, but forget to look back to the right to see if there is a pedestrian.

Windshield Ice.A couple of tips can help you drive safely.  Make sure you have a scraper in your car so you can clear all the ice off your front, rear and side windows  You have seen the guy driving with just a small area of the windshield cleared and none of the other windows cleared.  This guy will run into something, because he can’t see.  Keep plenty of washer fluid in the reservoir.  Salt on the road builds up fast on the wind screen.  When the sun hits that salt, you are blind.  This is especially true when you are driving on the highway with the spray from large trucks covering your wind screen. Make sure you do not have any signs impairing your rear sight line. 

Being able to see reduces the risk of causing a collision and seriously injuring, or causing the wrongful death, of your fellow Hoosiers.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.