Roadway Safety Rules at the School Bus Stop

With the school year about the start,  safety concerns for new and returning students comes to the forefront. For one thing, it won’t be long before your nearby school bus stop will be crowded with kids waiting for transportation.  In a previous blog entry, we noted that to avoid traffic accidents involving school children, police are reminding motorists of all ages to exercise caution when traveling on school bus routes and through school zones.

It might also be a good time for parents with younger children who will be riding the school bus, perhaps for the first time, to go over some basic bus stop safety rules. The Indiana State Police offers the following dos and don’ts to pass along to your kids:

  • – Don’t run around or play games while waiting for the bus to arrive
  • – Stand well way from the roadway until the bus comes to a complete halt
  • – If your children must cross a street to board a bus, urge them to make sure
  •   traffic in both directions has come to a stop before stepping into the roadway
  • – A child should never try to retrieve any item they may have dropped while
  •   boarding or exiting the bus. Instead, inform the bus driver what happened. Make
  •   sure the bus and/or car traffic has moved on and it’s clear to enter the roadway.
  • – Younger children should have an older student or adult retrieve the article.
  • – Children should secure loose drawstrings and other objects to avoid  getting them
  •   caught in the handrail door of the bus they are exiting.
  • – Once on the bus, children should behave appropriately and keep aisles clear and
  •   remain seated until the bus arrives at its destination

The Indiana personal injury law firm of Young and Young wishes you and your family a very productive and safe school year.

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