Reconstructing the Car Crash

If you have been in an automobile collision and it is necessary to prove who was at fault in causing the collision, we often times have to reconstruct the car crash.  This happens when the parties disagree about what happened and there is no eye witness.  It can also happen when the drivers are injured so badly in the collision that they cannot remember the collision.  It also happens when eye witnesses are available, but there observations just do not mesh with the damage seen at the automobile crash site.  Reconstructions can be performed when there are issues surrounding  semi tractor-trailer collision, motor cycles crashes and drunk driving collisions.

Indianapolis Personal Injury AttorneyA proper reconstruction has a few different elements.  The one factor that is true in all reconstructions is that the more information one has the better the reconstruction.  This means that your reconstruction expert has to make fewer assumptions and therefore the results are likely to be more accurate.  The good reconstruction starts with a good reconstructionists.  These folks are usually engineers with training in crash reconstruction.  Some are former police officers or current police officers.  The reconstructionists will rely, to some extent on the facts gathered at the scene of the collision by the police.  This includes measuring the length of skid marks, gouges in the road or the side of the road, places of rest of the cars, yaw marks on the road and all other facts about the collision.  Good and accurate measurements are essential. The reconstructionists will also want to examine the vehicles involved and download the information from the vehicles’ on board computer.   The reconstructionists will take into account several principles of physics and use the information to give a testable opinion about the speed and directions of vehicles involved in a crash.

 Our firm has been involved in hundreds of claims requiring an accident reconstruction.  We have access to the most credible experts.  We know how important the reconstruction can be to you and your family.

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