Pit Bull Attacks Child in Animal Shelter

Most dog bite incidents generally occur on the street or in someone’s home. But on March 16, a six-year-old Indiana boy was attacked by a pit bull mix, of all things, inside an animal shelter. The injured dog was apparently in an unlocked isolation room right off the lobby in the Hamilton County Humane Society. “Do not enter signs” were posted outside of the room, but the boy went in out of curiosity as children tend to do. The pit bull then attacked the child, biting him on the check, arm, and leg. The boy was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The dog allegedly had no history of violent behavior but was put under quarantine for ten days as a result of the attack, and may wind up being put down. The shelter has subsequently installed deadbolts on the rooms where animals are kept. The boy’s family is, however, considering legal action against the shelter.

Pit bulls have developed a reputation for violent, aggressive behavior. But any dog attack, regardless of breed involved, can obviously inflict serious injuries on the victim, including physical and emotional trauma, especially if the victim is a young child. If you or a loved one have been victimized by a dog attack, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Young and Young in Indianapolis for a free consultation.

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