Photograph or Video When Someone is Injured Says Indiana Injury Attorney

If you are a witness to someone being injured or are injured yourself it is important to get photographs or video of the scene of the injury at the time or as near the time of the event as possible.  Subjects for photographing  could include vehicles location, damages and people at the scene. Other subjects for video or photographs  could include stairs ,walkways,ice conditions etc.The importance of documenting the scene of the injury may not seem important at the time but months later when trying to describe why or  how someone was injured the video or photographs can be extremely important to show just exactly what occurred. E.G. if a store says wet floor signs were in place , photos taken at the time showing no signs can help to establish the truth of what actually occurred. Most everyone has a cell phone with some video capability.If you are injured then obtaining this information can be invaluable later on.IF you witness someone being injured then taking pictures or video can be invaluable to them at a later date.  You should always be sure that you give your name and contact information to the injured person or someone who knows them. By taking these few measures you can assist in making sure that the truth of what occurred prevails.

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