Personal Help with Social Security Disability

John P. Young, a partner in the Indianapolis Law firm, Young and Young, is an Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer.  John has been representing Hoosiers before the Social Security Administration for Twenty-two plus years.  A competent Indiana Social Security Lawyer, practicing in Indianapolis, John knows that personal service is key to successfully prosecuting your disability claim.  It makes no difference to John how you were injured.  Your injury may have been from a traffic accident, a highway accident, an auto crash, a motorcycle accident, you may have been in a drunk driver accident, or a highway accident with  a semi tractor-trailer.  John P. Young sees severe and disabling injuries from big truck accidents quite often.  Further, it makes no difference to John if your disability arises from broken bones, a brain injury or spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia, amputation, burns, scarring, blindness or any other type of disability.  If you have a disability, and it is severe enough, John P. Young will personally work to gather the evidence the Social Security Administration needs to approve your disability claim.

You should know that there are two types of Social Security Disability.  The first is Title Two Disability, and the second is Title Sixteen Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  In order to qualify for either, you must have a disability which prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful employment (these are the words the social security administration uses, sorry), and your disability must be expected to last for 12 months or more.  If you meet these criteria, then you must decide if you are eligible for Title Two Disability of title Sixteen SSI.

You become eligible for Title Two disability by working.  You must work for twenty out of the previous forty quarters prior to your disability to qualify for Title Two Disability.  The government takes taxes out of your paycheck in the form of a social security payroll tax.  They call it F.I.C.A.  You can think of this money as the premium for the disability insurance.  When you stop working, because of your disability, you remain insured for Title Two Disability for the next five years.  Like private disability insurance, if you become disabled in this five year period, you are allowed to continue receiving Title Two Disability for as long as you are disabled.  After being disabled for two years, you are also eligible for Medicare.

If you have not worked the required 20 out of the last forty quarters, and are not insured, you may be eligible for SSI.  There are restrictions on SSI such as if you are married and your spouse earns enough money, you are not eligible for SSI.  The Administration also counts the rent you do not have to pay (if you are staying with someone) and things such as food stamps as income, so as to reduce the amount of SSI benefits you will receive.

John P. Young recommends that you apply for both Title Two and Title Sixteen benefits.  The Administration will determine if you are eligible for one or the other, and there is no penalty for applying for both.  John P. Young, your Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer stands ready to assist you in successfully proving your claim.  You will not have to tolerate an assistant, John handles all his client’s needs personally.  Call today.

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