Medical Malpractice and Health Care Costs

Medical Protective President and CEO, Timothy Kenesey acknowledges that the perceived threat of law suits or litigation on health care costs is relatively small.  Why is this important? It is important because as the CEO of one of, if not the, biggest medical malpractice insures in the world, Mr. Kenesey would know.  It is important because it confirms what Trial Lawyers have said for years, lawsuits, which are filed to hold doctors responsible for their mistakes, are not the cause of rising health care costs.  So, the next time you hear a politician use the threat of Litigation to justify your right to go to Court and ask for fair compensation, know that the politician is wrong.  Know that allowing those who are hurt by another’s negligence is simply the right thing to do.

NOTICE: No face-to-face meeting needed. You can remain safely in your home from case signup to settlement.